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Post consumer bottles are sorted, cut, washed and dried. The pollution is taken off and the clean recycled material can be used for the production of new bottles, fibres, foils and other packages.

Flake size -  <10mm ( max.12mm) 
Dust - <1,1 % 
Moisture - <1,2 % 
Specific weight - >280 kg/m³ 
Other Contents:
Metals - <50 ppm 
Paper - <50 ppm 
Polyolefine - < 50 ppm 
Other - <100 ppm 
Other colored flakes blue - 1% 
PVC - <70 ppm 
IV Intrinsic Viscosity dl/g - 0,60  - 0,78 



PET Flakes can be used for the production of new bottles, fibres, foils and other packages
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